Wednesday night, October 26th in downtown Lafayette's Parc International a bona fide country legend will take the stage. For 25 plus years, Randy Travis has been entertaining people all over the world with his rich resonant vocals and unique style of singing. I am a fan, I always have been! This show on October 26th is made even more special by the organization that is putting it on.

Miles Perret Cancer Services Center is a locally based cancer support center that is truly a Godsend to the people of South Louisiana. If for some reason you can't come to the show to see Randy Travis, then come to the show to support the thousands of families that Miles Perret supports every year. I think I will be doing both.

Tickets for this show are on sale now and you can get them here. Remember the $75 you pay for your ticket includes a delicious Cajun meal and all the complimentary beer and wine you care to enjoy. I am ready for the show!

How about we revisit some great Randy Travis tunes to get you in the mood? When this song came out Randy had to build a whole new room on his house just to hold all the awards this song would earn. It's Forever and Ever Amen.

Here is another classic Randy Travis cut, it's about a  place we've all been before. The timeless Diggin' Up Bones!

Just to to prove the point that Randy's music is timeless, watch this wonderful duet with Carrie Underwood From TV's American Idol

Here is another one of my absolute favorite Randy Travis tune, it's a song about the commitment we wear on our left hand. It's called On the Other Hand.

And just to show you that he may have a few miles on his tires but he is a long way away parking the bus, this is Randy's latest release. It's Everything and All.

There you have it, 5 really great reasons to come see Randy Travis and one more amazing reason, Miles Perret Cancer Services, why you will want to be in Parc International on October 26th. The weather forecast  is looking lovely for next Wednesday  night and it won't be a party if you aren't there.