There was a time in America where comedians made people laugh with things that were funny, not things that were dirty. Humor was about witty and well thought out observations and not about misguided celebrity couples, bodily functions or the latest scandal in our nation's capital. This was the time in which I grew up.

The late 60's had some great TV shows among them was a comedy sketch show starring a man named Red Skelton. Red seemed to be living to make people smile and quite often those smiles broke into belly laughs with some of his incredibly simple yet very skillfully written sketch pieces.

Perhaps one of Red's most famous sketch pieces wasn't ever intended to be funny. It started out as a story about his childhood and turned into a great life lesson that all Americans need to hear. It is the story of what our Pledge of Allegiance really means.

On this Independence Day I hope you will share this subtle and simply stated message with your family as a reminder that our differences are what brings us together and our desires for a better life are what make us one.