You've probably seen the ghostly images of what once was a pretty happy place. The images of what was once called Jazzland, a theme park outside of New Orleans, covered in graffiti and tall grass. Could the once thriving theme park be making a comeback since it's abrupt closure thanks to Hurricane Katrina?

A plan has been submitted to the city of New Orleans by a Baton Rouge based development team. According to news reports, sources close to the team suggest they would like to resurrect the park under it's original name 'Jazzland'.  The theme park changed the name when it was acquired by the Six Flags organization and was renamed Six Flags New Orleans.

Many of the attractions and infrastructure of the old facility still stand on the site in New Orleans East. However, some attractions were disassembled and moved to other Six Flags properties after the theme park was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In addition to a theme park the proposal for the revitalized area includes a water park, a movie back lot and a retail component at the site. This is the third effort by TPC-NOLA a subsidiary of Paidia Company of Baton Rouge, to submit a plan to revitalize the Jazzland property.