[UPDATE - SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 5:00AM] 49-year-old Barry Guidry was arrested yesterday on charges of simple burglary of an automobile. Authorities revealed items of clothing belonging to a pair of hunters, Jaime and Davis Arthur, were found in Guidry's home and the arrest was made. It is believed that during the course of the burglary, "Boz", a 10-year-old labrador hunting dog was set free from his enclosed hunting kennel. The kennel was in the back of the Arthur's pick up trucked that was parked at hotel on the Evangeline Thruway. Authorities believe the animal once freed from the kennel began to roam surrounding neighborhoods where he was involved in a fight with two pit bulls. Boz's injuries were so severe that he was euthanized at a local animal shelter after he was found.


[FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 5:00AM] You probably saw or heard recently about Boz, a beloved 10-year-old black lab that was stolen from his owner's truck earlier this week off the Evangeline Thruway. Yesterday the dog was found and taken to the Lafayette Parish Animal Shelter where he had to be euthanized.

According to the dog's owner, Georgia native Jamie Arthur, Boz was injured in a dog fight.

"Basically, the way he (the police) made it sound it was a dog fight between loose dogs, kind of like dogs in the neighborhood, over a female that was in season," Arthur said.

Lafayette Police are investigating the theft. Surveillance video has been obtained from near the hotel where the dog was taken from the Arthur's truck.

"I'm pretty sure the guy who took my dog is the guy on the video, or at least the guy that let him out," Jamie Arthur said.

Hopefully 97.3 The Dawg will obtain a still shot from the video surveillance so we can post here in hopes of finding justice for Boz and his owner. We'll keep you updated on this story as we get new information.