It is the time of year when Saints fans have grown accustomed to looking forward to the NFL Playoffs. The past few seasons have seen the Saints with playoff aspirations clinched or within clinching distance by Mid December. This year those aspirations might just be pipe dreams.



The Saints have struggled for various reasons this year. Their head coach Sean Payton was suspended for the entire season. The defense has been a picket fence instead of wall. The offense live has been often hurt and pieced together by the training staff. Still there is a glimmer of playoff hope.

For that glimmer to glow brighter the Saints must stop the New York Giants today. In fact most prognosticators agree that for the Saints to even make the Wild Card round they will need to win every game they play for the rest of the season. That would mean beating Tampa Bay, Carolina and the Cowboys too. For those games to even matter the Saints have to post a "W" against the G-men this afternoon.

You can hear the Saints Giants Pre Game and Post Game show here. League rules prohibit streaming of NFL games on sites that have not lined the NFL's pockets with millions of dollars. You can hear the game on the radio at 97.3 FM. They have not made it pay per listen yet, but you can bet the NFL is considering the idea.