Even if your number is listed on the Do Not Call list you might still be getting calls from (202) 480-5620. If  you do see that number on your caller ID we suggest you do not answer. The caller will tell you that he is your captain and you have just won a cruise! This alleged free cruise comes with a very dangerous catch!

The caller goes on to say that you will get the details of your cruise after you take a short survey. The survey questions inquire about your age, how much money you make and some other "personal questions". This is an attempt by the company to get information on you and the people that reside with you.

This information is then sold to other companies so they can begin marketing to your number.  We have it on good authority that people in South Louisiana are not the only people being targeted by this fake cruise phone scam.

Again if you see the number (202) 480-5620, do yourself a favor don't answer, even if your intention is to just hang up. Once this company can verify that your number is in fact an active number they will sell that information and you could be subject to even more calls. The website 800notes.com has more information on this scam.