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Is This A Picture Of A Ghost? [Pic]
What is this thing y'all? I specifically took a picture of this spot because it's the same location that the famous picture of Chloe was taken.
SNL Pokes Fun of Lafayette
On last night's episode, the good comedians at SNL hit right to the heart of Acadiana, in a ditty called "Bayou Benny's Liberal Lagniappe".
Original ‘Aladdin’ Writer Says Disney Isn’t Paying Him for Remake
The teaser trailer for Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin dropped last night, and reactions to the first look at Disney’s latest live-action remake are wildly mixed (it looks weird). But there’s one reaction that particularly stands out: That of Terry Rossio, one of four screenwriters on Dis…
Kane Brown Is a Married Man!
The singer married his longtime girlfriend Katelyn Jae on Friday evening in a ceremony outside of Nashville.