Mother's Day is coming Sunday May 12. That means Dads and kids have less than two weeks to figure out what is going to bring a smile to Mom's face on her special day. While breakfast in bed is always a nice touch and a day away from cooking and cleaning is stereotypical, I thought you might want to see what else is out there.

One of my favorite shopping sites is called Shut Up and Take My Money.  Here are some of their unique gift ideas that I thought your Mom might be interested in too.

shut up and take my money .com





Cooking Guide Apron- If you have a Mom that loves her time in the kitchen and isn't blessed with the ability to boil water, this is the apron for her. Not only will it keep her nice and neat while she cooks. It also provides a handy guide of measures, mixtures and substitutes that could come in handy while whipping up a batch of red beans and rice.




Shut up and take my money . com



Flashlight Slippers- What Mom wouldn't love to be able to walk through a darkened house on the way to her secret chocolate stash without bumping her shins? These stylish and comfy house shoes not only keep Mom's feet from walking on that dirty floor you promised to sweep but they have built in headlights so she can see the roaches scurrying off into the corners of the kitchen. They also will come in handy for any Mom who needs to sneak up on Dad who is sneaking in late.



Shut up and take my money . com



Cabana Islander- Sometimes all Mom wants you to be is ... away from her. This inflatable bit of ocean going paradise could be her own private island. Imagine Mom drifting down the Bayou Teche with her Pabst Blue Ribbon, some cracklin' and Classic Country Saturday Night on the radio. This truly would be heaven on Earth. The Cabana also has room for most of Mom's Bunko group too. It's the perfect get away destination for any Mother who doesn't want to fight the crowds at Destin.



Shut up and take my money .com



Toilet Seat Lifter - Mom doesn't like the feeling of cold wet toilet water on her delicate backside any more than any other lady in your life does. Since we men won't remember to put the seat down, we've come up with a way to make it fun for us to lift and lower the seat. Men like gadgets and machines and this toilet seat lifter gives us the chance to operate power equipment even while we are in the bathroom. The device lifts the seat, we drain the goose and then the device gently lowers the seat into Mom position when we step back. Everybody is happy and Mom doesn't have to worry about a midnight swim in the toilet.


Shut up and take my


Complete Beach Chair- Just in case Mom makes it off the floating cabana in Bayou Teche and actually winds up in Destin she is going to want a place to sit. The perfect place for her motherly curves is this beach chair. It truly has everything a Mom could want in beach comfort. It's got a place for storing drinks, storing the telephone, and keeping a book too. It has a built in umbrella and pillow for her head. Best of all this chair folds up nicely and neatly in to a carry along package that comes complete with wheels. All you have to do is set Mom up and count the empty beer cans to know when it's time to turn her over.