Hey guys- have you ever been in a relationship and wanted a way out without hurting anyone's feelings?  If only you could get her to break up with you!  A new survey discovered six quick ways to get a woman to dump you.  So if you want to get dumped remember these six little techniques.  Romance novel company Harlequin released the list.  Use it for good, or evil.

1.) Being too needy.
2.) Constantly checking your phone.
3.) Having too many Facebook photos with an ex-girlfriend.
4.) Using bad grammar.
5.) Being married to your work.
6.) Still living with your parents.

52% of women research guys on Facebook before a first date.
54% expect a guy to hold the door for them on dates.
51% expect the guy to pay on a first date.
75% say their dating life is BORING.
56% feel pressure to be married or in a serious relationship.

The top place women go to for romantic advice is "Cosmopolitan."

Store away these six secrets in a special place.  Use when necessary.