Every morning on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show we do a segment called "What Were They Smoking?" The segment airs at 6:40 every morning here on 97.3 The Dawg. It's a collection of stories about stupid criminals, drunken idiots, just regular idiots, and candidates for the annual Darwin Awards.

It appears as though a recent arrest in Slidell could qualify for what we call "a smokin'story".  Here's what we know, while it is quite humorous, it would also be quite disturbing if this happened to you.

Yesterday morning Slidell police received a call from a homeowner. The homeowner was reporting an intruder in his home. When police arrived on the scene they found there was in fact an intruder in the home. He was identified as 31 year old Sharrod McCullum. He was sound asleep on the sofa.

"Obviously this was a shock to both the homeowner and the officers.  They woke up Mr. McCullum and he appeared to be intoxicated and said he didn't realize where he was at."

Those are the words of Detective Daniel Seuzeneau of the Slidell police department as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Mr. Sharrod it appears had gained entry into the domicile by breaking open the back door.

"He was in possession of a screwdriver and a GPS unit which is suspected to be stolen from a vehicle somewhere else within the neighborhood."

Sharrod has been charged with one count of criminal burglary and one count of criminal damage. Authorities say their maybe other charges filed at a later date pending the outcome of the police investigation.

Detective Seuzeneau says that while the fact surrounding this case might seem funny now,

"We're just very grateful that nothing else happened and we're very happy that the officers were able to get there quickly and take the suspect into custody without any further incident."