So there you are off in a foreign land, in harms way, defending your country and doing your job for America. Meanwhile, back home some Jack Wagon has launched a Face Book page with your picture and credentials so he can lure women into love. Think it couldn't happen? Well it has and it does! What a shame, what a total shame.

Army Sgt. James Hursey, 26, discharged and sent home from war in Iraq to nurse a back injury, found a page with his photos on Facebook — on a profile that wasn't his. It was fake, set up by someone claiming to be an active-duty soldier looking for love.

It's bad enough to lie about who you are but to steal the identity of an American Soldier makes it even worse. I don't think there is a punishment tough enough to hand out to these scum bag. I wish a pox upon him and and his entire family. For our service men and women, God Bless, Stay Safe, Come Home Soon.