I know it's the way things go but I am not looking forward to paying more for my homeowner's insurance. And don't get me wrong, I love the folks at State Farm (including my agent and friends at Tommy Desormeaux's office here in Lafayette). But when I read that State Farm homeowner's insurance would be going up by an average of 7.8 percent in the state, I was a bit bummed.

It just seems that we all make less or at best status quo each year, but have to pay more and more for services and products.

At any rate, the 301,000 policyholders in Louisiana are in store for the bump starting with new policies on Feb. 15 and renewals on April 1.

The increases will vary throughout the state with Lafayette parish policyholders looking at a 6.9 percent increase.

Guess I better start saving my crumbs now!