I know it's cliché, but the best things in life are usually the simple things.

I got to thinking recently about some of the fun things we used to do as kids around Halloween. Of course, trick-or-treating is at the top of the heap, but there were some other fun things to do, like bobbing for apples!

I can't think of a Halloween party where we didn't dunk our heads into a cold bucket of water for the sheer purpose of bragging rights.

Well, in case you wanted to crank up this classic game at your Halloween festivities this week and can't recall the best way to pull it off, here are some simple instructions on how to bob for apples.

  1. Find a suitable tub. You can use a bucket, cooler, or anything big enough to fit some apples and a head. Place it on a table strong enough to hold its weight when its full of water. The top should be waist-high for participants.
  2. Fill tub with cool, not cold, water. Fill it about 3/4 full. If you're playing inside, place some towels around the base of the tub so your momma doesn't get too mad at you.
  3. Float several apples in the water. Put as many that will fit in your tub but not too many where the apples don't have room to move.
  4. Select the first player. Remember, you can't use your hands so put them behind your back.
  5. Say "Go". Each player must try to grab an apple with their teeth. Give them 20 seconds to do this and have the other players count "1000 one, 1000 two..." while the other player is dunking.
  6. Select the winner. The player who catches an apple in the quickest time is the winner.
  7. Clean up. You have a mess so grab some towels and clean up before your momma gets to whoopin'!