If the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation has its way and can persuade a committee of NFL owners the big game could be back in the Big Easy in 2018. The contingent from New Orleans is expected to make its case for bringing the Super Bowl back to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome during NFL meetings in May. If selected, this would make a record 11th time New Orleans has been chosen to host pro football's biggest game.

There are other cities that are in contention to host the game. New Orleans will be up against presentation from Indianapolis and Minneapolis. The scale might be tipped slightly in favor of the Minnesota group because the city will have a brand new stadium by the time 2018 rolls around.

The economic impact of a Super Bowl is big not only for the city of New Orleans, but for the entire state of Louisiana.  According to Forbes Magazine, the last big game in the big easy was worth about $4.1 Billion. Like everything else this has so very little to do with sports and so much to do with money. Here's to hoping the gang from down in the bayou can land this big fish again. Besides it would be nice to see the Saints play in a Super Bowl in their home stadium wouldn't it?