As you know I am a conspiracy theorist when it comes to the NFL and the Super Bowl. I believe that the outcome of each game is determined at the league office and through out the course of the season strange occurrences are written in to the season to keep people talking about the league.


Since we have all of these out in the open I can tell you the winner of the Super Bowl has already been determined. If you are a San Francisco fan, I'm sorry. Your team will not win this year.  How do I know? Princess the Super Bowl picking camel from New Jersey has already made her choice. Princess has correctly identified that past six Super Bowl winners and this year she says we will be suffering through a Ray Lewis celebration at the end of the game.

Do I think Princess is correct? It doesn't matter what I think. This all about the NFL building hype for their final football game of the year. So why not use a camel? They don't cost much and and they smell better than Ray Lewis.