It was a sad day yesterday for Swamp People's cast, crew, and fans. Gator hunter, Bruce Mitchell's, famous four-legged friend, Tyler, died at the age of 13 due to heart failure.

The zebra cake lovin' canine always took pleasure joining his master on the gator hunts. Tyler certainly had his own fan base. Mitchelll's wife, Janet Mitchell, said the dog's heart gave out at around 1am Monday morning. He had been battling congestive heart failure for 3 years.

We are sad to have to let all of Bruce and Tyler’s fans know that Tyler died this morning around 1:10am. He ate his last zebra cake :(

He had a great 13 years with his best friend and family, who loved him very much! We are gonna miss him lots.

In honor of Tyler's passing, here is a video of Tyler and Bruce from History Channel's "Meet Bruce Mitchell" clip. A dog truly is a man's best friend. #RIPTyler