act of kindness

Giving Isn’t Just For Christmas [Video]
A hospital shoeshine man understands the spirit of giving shouldn't be saved for just December. He has given every penny of his tip money over 36 years to helping families. His amazing story will touch you and hopefully motivate you to find your own spirit of giving.
Parking Lot Stand Off Has Surpise Ending [Video]
It's probably happened to you, you're about to pull into an empty parking space just as another vehicle attempts to pull into the same one. You have both arrived at the same time, the parking spot is really close to the store and you both want it, so what happens?
Natures Random Act Of Kindness We Can All Learn From
It might be holding the door for someone at the Circle K, or letting a motorist pull in to the traffic flow on busy Johnston street, they're basically the same thing a random act of kindness. I wonder is kindness taught or is it something that just happens in nature. Based upon this video, I wo…