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Student Suspended for Making Worst Cupcake Ever
You can argue whether frosting or buttercream or ganache makes the best addition to a cupcake.  We’re pretty sure no one would debate for what a teenager in St. Paul, Minnesota allegedly filled a cupcake with for his classmate — semen.
Jake Owen Arrested in Florida
It appears that Jake Owen was arrested late Saturday night (May 5.) The singer shared a photo of himself cuffed and next to a cop car just after 11:30PM ET — mere hours after he was tossing back a beer with a buddy, happily and heartily celebrating Cinco de Mayo.
Justin Moore Kicked Out of Restaurant
Justin Moore‘s trip to Dallas, Texas to watch his Arkansas Razorbacks play in Friday night’s Cotton Bowl is off to a contentious start. Last night, he was asked to leave an area restaurant for allegedly hitting on two diners. It’s a charge the married father of …