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A Barstool,A Bowling Ball And An Amazing Trick Shot [Video]
A lot of people enjoy bowling. A lot of people enjoy drinking while they bowl. Professional bowlers do not drink while they bowl. This is what happens when you hang out too long at the bowling center stone cold sober! Actually this is an incredible shot, that's a 16 pound ball he threw over tha…
Bruce’s AMAZING 7:30 Video: Ice Gators Sign Him Up!
Okay this was pure luck but who wouldn't want to be lucky rather than good when 50-Thousand dollars is on the line. Unfortunately the guy was infront of the red line that he was supposed to be behind to get credit for making the shot. Since the shot was for charity, the owner of the Indiana Ice…
What A Shot!
Why be good when you can be lucky right? Well maybe this young man is a little bit of both. It is the ultimate "HORSE" shot used in a game situation, I wonder if Coach Marlin at U.L. knows  how to get in touch with him?