American Idol

‘American Idol’ Producer: ‘Country Is America’
It seems more and more likely that a country superstar will join Mariah Carey on the revamped ‘American Idol’ panel of celebrity judges. According to the Hollywood Reporter, show producers could possibly have their eye on the country music genre — although it&CloseCurlyQu…
American Idol’s Country Contributions
It is no surprise that American Idol has helped quite a few talented, country singers find their way to stardom. The America Idol fans have seemed to love the previous country singers while they were on the competitive show. I can think of several, very famous country singers who started on American…
Brad Paisley Considered for American Idol Judge
Woah, country superstar Brad Paisley could be a judge on American Idol? I do not think many people (women) would have a problem with that. We just recently learned that FOX network is considering Paisley to occupy one of the vacant judge's chair for their hit series.
Scotty McCreery Graduates High School
Scotty McCreery has a lot of new titles to his name. He’s an ‘American Idol’ champion, a platinum-selling country artist and a CMT Music Award-winner, as of last night. But he hasn’t been able to call himself a high school graduate until today.

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