Bruce’s Best Of Laser Cat Bowling [Video]
If you combine the natural curiosity of a cat with a laser pointer you will have loads of fun. If you take that combination of cat and laser pointer and set up some plastic cups you have a sport. Welcome to the world of Cat Laser Bowling.
Cat Bowling – You Know You Want To See It [Video]
Those who know bowling understand the point of the game is to hurl a very heavy ball down an oil covered wooden alley into 10 unsuspecting pins. Cat bowling is simliar except you don't use a ball or pins, you use a cat, a laser pointer and some empty soda pop cans.
Bowling 101
Don't you love when someone tells you that you're doing something completely wrong?  I say if it's working for you, stick with it!  If the granny-shot works for you, then do the darn "granny shot"....