call of the wild

Call Of The Wild
As you know we are always making new Wild Friends..Today we welcomed Hailey Artezone!  She perfomed like a true "WildLife" and got some Wildlife Energy Drinks and Shots, by the way, they are really good and you can check out WildLifeEnergy...
Call of the Wild Wednesday
Listen throughout the day for your "shot" at free Wildlife Energy Drinks with the Call of the Wild. You've got a couple of more opportunities to win a 6-pack of the big 16oz. drinks plus a 6-pack of the Wildlife Energy shots.
Wildlife Wednesday
Welcoming Nanette Albarado to the Wild this week!  A stellar performance as she played "Call of the Wild".  She got some goodies: Wildlife Energy Drinks and Wildlife Energy Shots!  Good stuff by the way, it really works.  However, it doesn't make yo…
Got A Wild Life?
It's Wildlife Wednesday again..and Steven showed us that he belonged in the Wild- So we hooked him up with Wildlife Energy Drinks and Energy Shots!  Ever wonder what a Shrimp sounds like? 
Call Of The Wild
There's a Great new Energy Drink that I've been trying: It's called Wildlife Energy Drink.  They have them in shots and 16oz cans.  So we played this game called "Call of the Wild"  and if you ever wondered what a Kangaroo sounds like- David will demon…