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Thompson Square Taking Advice from Charlie Sheen?
Thompson Square was recently nominated for the 2011 CMA's Vocal Duo of the Year and the New Artist of the Year award. With all of this winning that might be taking place in their future.. are they taking #Winning advice from Charlie Sheen? Thompson Square posted their conversation with&nbs…
Charlie Sheen Used Steroids During ‘Major League’
Charlie Sheen may be "winning" with all his shenanigans lately but he was losing during the filming of the 1989 flick Major League. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated the kooky thespian revealed that he took steroids during the making of the hit movie.
Sheen Doesn’t Shine When Spotlight Is Live
Let us consider the case of Charlie Sheen, I think the guy is funny in movies and on television. In real life, if he was someone I knew, I would insist that he get help for his myriad of issues. We've all seen the whacked out internet videos and TV interviews and some people bought tickets to s…
University Offers Cell Phone Photo Class
So there you are, you're drinking coffee at a local coffee house and in walks Taylor Swift and her current companion, you know there is going to be canoodling but alas you have no camera. Wait! Your cellphone! It has a camera, what's the best way to get THE shot that all of the websites will be payi…

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