Ventriloquist’s Amazing Dummy [Video]
This ventriloquist has a rather unique twist on puppets. She pulls a puppet right out of the audience and the results are incredible. It is one of the funniest ventriloquist pieces I have seen since Jeff Dunham came to the Cajundome.
Why Are People So Afraid Of A Man In Stockings? [Video]
I'm sure your first thought after reading that headline is,"Hmm a man in stockings?, I'm not scared, uncomfortable maybe but not scared". Then  you realize where the  man is wearing the stockings or to be more correct the stocking. I must admit I would be taken …
Jeff Dunham Is Coming To The Cajundome
Even when he is by himself he is never alone! Jeff Dunham brings himself and himself as some of your favorite characters to Lafayette's Cajundome Sunday July 10. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmasteroutlets and of course 97.3 The Dawg will have plenty of free tickets for you to win...