The Science Of Cookies [Video]
Do you eat raw cookie dough? It's not a good idea and the reason has nothing to do with the fact that raw cookie dough is just gross. There is a whole lot of science going on inside your oven. Here is a chance to teach your kids and enjoy some cookies too!
Who Says Healthy Can’t Be Delicious?
I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Father's Day yesterday. Hopefully you honored the special dads in your life by spoiling them with cards, gifts, and/or food. I enjoy going the food route. Give these fantastic recipes a try!
So You Voted and What, You Want a Cookie? Then Get You One
Every weekday morning shortly after 8:00am we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries of all the special people throughout Acadiana. And as you probably know, at the end of the announcements we "wave the magic pencil 'round and 'round" and where it stops that person gets a …

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