Is the Mediterranean Diet the Best Diet Ever?
We all know that living a healthy, clean life is sometimes quite challenging. When there are fast food restaurants everywhere and 2 for 1 happy hour, it is hard to take in what your body will actually benefit from. According to WebMd, the Mediterranean diet might be the best diet for all of us to li…
My Favorite Easter Food
It always amazes me how much food I can eat!  I start off with the turkey, honey ham, pasta, get the point, and then it's on to the desserts!  This week is a week for us to all enjoy family time together and more than likely you will be cooking something, right?  Here…
Forever Foods
Tracy was talking about the foods that she doesn't throw away!  No we don't mean she keeps week-old hamburgers..We are talking about things like sugar and a lot more.  What can you keep for a long long time?
Happy Eating!
If you haven't noticed yet, I'm obsessed with food articles..but it's okay because I have noticed a big difference when I eat certain foods and how they change the way I feel!  I'm hoping to pass this along to you because I believe anyone can change their mood by eating righ…
Miranda Kicks It Healthy Style!
Haven't we all been eating way to much food?  Maybe drinking to much?  Well Miranda Lambert has brought the "Kerosene" and burned away her bad eating habits...And she feels so much better!  What's she doing?