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Dog Catching Chicken Nuggets Is One Happy Pooch [Pics]
I'll let you in on a little secret...I used to not really like dogs that much. I had a couple of bad experiences with them growing up as a kid, and had pretty much decided I didn't need one in my life. Well, I was wrong. A few years ago I got a little Golden Retriever that we named Lucy, a…
Awesome Redneck Versions Of Fancy Things
Call me redneck, coon-ass, backwoods whatever...I'm proud to be em ALL! There's nothing like a lil redneck ingenuity, as proven below. Call it country if you want, I call it smart. Ok, that might be going a little too far...
Bruce’s “Best Picture I Ever Took”
This isn't the best picture I ever took, you'll have to look inside to see that. I would like to see "Your best picture you ever took". Could you share it with me? I will make a photo gallery on the website and we can all enjoy some amazing moments that you captured in time.