The Dirty Truth About IKEA [Video]
To hear my male friends tell it, a trip to an IKEA store is like a journey to a well organized section of hell. Furniture shopping is not something in which we men excel. It's probably because our furniture requirements are totally different than the requirements the female of the species place…
Incredible Flexible Folding Chair [Video]
This may be the only piece of furniture you will ever need! Okay if you are a man living alone, this will be the only piece of furniture you will ever need. It even comes in the color of beer stain so it is perfect!
Exploding Furniture From The Martha Stewart Collection
Martha Stewart's name is synonymous with great food, handy crafts and now exploding furniture. Imagine you're sitting outside enjoying your new glass top patio table, you are marveling at the craftsmanship of some underage employee from Bangladesh and then it happens. Your new Martha Stewa…