golden voice

What’s the Golden Voice Up To These Days?
I was just wondering the other day what Ted Williams was up to. You remember the homeless guy from a few weeks back with the golden pipes. He was supposedly clean and sober but turns out he was still drinking. Then an Dr. Phil tried to help him and that didn't work out all that well.
‘Golden voice’ Leaves Rehab
It seemed like a Hollywood script come true in real life. A homeless guy with an amazing gift, a voice to die for, gets a chance to show his stuff on national TV and around the world. On the Dr. Phil Show  he's given that coveted "second chance" that so many who struggle with addiction pra…
Ted William’s (Golden Voice) Mom
His voice had led him to fame in a single day.  No matter how bad his life was, it turned around for him!  Truely an amazing story, and touching too!  Glad he is living the sober life..You deserve it Ted.  What does his mom have to say about all of this...