Federal Government Shuts Down, No One Knows for How Long
As of 12:01 a.m. EST on Tuesday, the federal government closed down. Congressional leaders in the House of Representatives and the Senate were unable to reach an agreement on a budget or a temporary fix, known as a continuing resolution, before the start of the new fiscal year on October 1.
Government Likely Headed for Shutdown — What Does This Mean?
With Congress unable to agree on a budget or even a short-term emergency bill, it's increasingly likely that the federal government will suffer its first shutdown in 17 years. Leaders in the House of Representatives and the Senate will trade proposals on Monday, but neither side is optimistic t…
Report: Louisiana Is the Most Corrupt State in America
We're number one, We're number one! Cleaning up Louisiana politics was one of the promises that Bobby Jindal made while running for the office a few years ago. It appears as though he may have been unable to keep that promise to the people of our state.
Airplane Design Makes Too Much Sense, Government Passes [Video]
Besides the long lines at security what is the biggest pain in the butt about flying? I would say for most of us, it is getting from the runway, through the terminal, then to baggage claim, then to our ground transportation. What if we could eliminate all those steps just by changing the design of t…

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