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Eva Longoria’s Financial Faux Pas
She might be a desperate housewife on TV and now she might be a desperate financier if things don't turn around quickly for Eva Longoria. It seems there has been a big of a "misunderstanding" that's Hollywood Legal Talk for somebody gonna get sued! That somebody is one of…
Lohan Faces Probation Violation
How Does that Johnny Cash song go..' I hear the train a comin, comin round the bend..' In this case it is the sound of America's favorite trainwreck Lindsay Lohan. You know your life is pretty close to rock bottom when you can get your probation called into question while in rehab but…
Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Tasteless’ Career
I have always found Jennifer Anniston to be quite easy on the eye. Until I heard Tracy talking about her on the show this afternoon, I never knew she was an actress too! Obviously some of Jenn's Hollywood bretheren don't find her acting talents to be that amazing.