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A&J Rattlesnake Handlers at LA Outdoor Expo [Video]
This past weekend at the 2012 Louisiana Outdoor Expo the A&J Rattlesnake Handlers graced us with their brave presence. After wrapping rattlesnakes around their arms, leisurely walking around in the snake pit, and laying on the floor with a couple snakes on top of them, one of them did someth…
Jase Robertson Coming to Louisiana Outdoor Expo
So we all know that the Louisiana Outdoor Expo is coming up in two weeks!  The weekend-long event will be amazing for all those hunters and fishers out there.
In case you did not know, Jase Robertson, the Duck Commander, will be at the Outdoor Expo.
Vote For Your Favorite Kid In Camo
The expo is done, the photos are processed, now it’s your time to decide, who’s the cutest 'Kid In Camo' brought to you by Guidry’s Cajun Foods! Just click here to view the photo gallery of our finalists and vote for your favorite. Voting ins…
Swamp Peoples Guist Brothers In The Studio [Video]
Everybody is getting ready for the Louisiana Outdoor Expo this weekend at the Cajundome and Convention Center!  It's going on this weekend starting at 3pm until 8pm and it happens all the way through Sunday.  Go ride the Zip Line!  It's going to be awesome...

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