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St Jude Gift Shop – Shop A Little, Save A Life
That's me, Tracy Wirtz and the Viennes from Eunice in downtown Memphis getting ready for the St Jude Marathon Weekend. If you want to get some really cool St Jude merchandise, take a look at their online gift catalog. for gifts that make a difference.
Disabled Gulf War Vet Does The Impossible [Video]
This is proof that doctors aren't always right, especially when we don't or won't accept their diagnosis. The human spirit is the most powerful force on Earth. The gentleman in this video is a Gulf War veteran. He was a paratrooper and one too many hard landings took their toll on his…
McTraining for Marathon with Nothing But McDonalds Food
A marathon is 26.2 miles, that is a long way to run. To run a marathon you need dedication, discipline and good nutrition and you can find the nutrition part at McDonalds! Imagine training for a grueling event with nothing but your Quarter Pounder and Big Mac to keep you company. You can do it! In m…