TV Mom Trivia, What Do You Remember?
When Jill, my wife, and I were discussing the idea of starting a family, we swore we would never let TV become a baby sitter. I would like to think we did a pretty good job with that. I would also like to think that millions of dollars will come floating down from the heavens into my lap, right afte…
Mom Was Right! Just Not This Time
As we celebrate Mom this weekend for me it's a time to reflect back upon the memories of my Mom. We called her Corn, yep Corn, it's a long story that we can get into another time.  My Mom, like yours, taught me a lot of things most of them great, some of them not so great.
10 Morning Sanity Savers for Moms
School lunches. Car Keyes. Diaper Bag. Coffee. You get the picture. Not easy getting out the door these days, but help has arrived! I have to say my number one time saver in the morning is to put my clothes out the night before...what is yours?