The Real Reason Movie Theater Concessions Are So Expensive
Going to the movies is always a fun experience. Ticket prices are fairly reasonable, but once you get your popcorn, drink and maybe some candy, you're looking at probably $40. If you're paying for a family things can get really crazy. Why? Turns out there are good reasons why, and those re…
‘Loft’ Remake Filming in New Orleans
I know it's old hat now for big ole Hollywood films to be shot in Louisiana, but I think it's still cool. I was in New Orleans at the end of last week and while walking around one day I saw a lot of signs denoting street closures due to filming. My wife had been in The Big Easy for a few days and sa…
Memorial Day Weekend Movie Guide
Since we can’t spend the entire Memorial Day weekend barbecuing, many Americans observe the day by hopping over to the local cinema to take in a blockbuster movie and some free air conditioning.