5 Holiday Specials That Deserve More Respect
These were the shows that were liked but not loved. I will share with you 5 programs that if you haven't seen, I hope you will find time to watch this Christmas Season. If only just to make you appreciate the shows you already love even more.
Flashback Friday – Burger Chef, I Remember That
Burger Chef was a special place to me. As a young boy it was where the cool kids had their birthday parties. It was a place to take a date during those awkward teenage years. It was where we met on Friday nights after the high school football games and it was a part of the fabric that has been woven…
45 Years Later – Camille She Was No Lady
The year was 1969 and the events of August 17 and 18 of that year changed the Mississippi Gulf Coast and most of the Gulf South region forever. It was on the night of August the 17th Hurricane Camille came ashore near Gulfport and Biloxi Missisippi...

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