5 Of Our Christmas Favorites [Video]
Here are 5 of my favorite Christmas songs. I would be most honored if you would share your thoughts on your favorite Christmas songs with me. Your suggestions could become part of our annual Christmas Eve show.
‘The Peanuts Movie’ Trailer: Charlie Brown Is Not a Quitter
This new extended trailer for The Peanuts Movie hints at a film that's a bit more charming than you might expect. It also looks like it could be a legitimately good coming-of-age film, which seems about right with Paul Feig involved as a producer — he may be best known these days for his…
You’re Never Too Old For Peanuts [Video]
Peanuts, the cartoon not the tasty snack, is 61 years old. The TV special first hit the air back in 1965, 46 years ago. I still smile every time I hear the Peanuts theme song and if this video is any indication so do a lot of other people. This video absolutely made my day.