What Music Video Is This Picture From?
This old grainy footage of a bride kissing her groom comes from a relatively new country music video. It's a video that focuses on the past, however -- specifically those who've moved on to life after death. Do you recognize this kissing couple? There are plenty more famous faces…
Win a Dozen Roses For Valentine’s Day [Quiz]
Here is your chance to give something beautiful to your Valentine and get off pretty cheap -- FREE! Take the following Country Couples quiz and you could win a dozen roses from Mary's Flowers and Gifts (702 Eraste Landry Ste. A) in Lafayette.
Are You Happy? Let’s Test Your Happiness Quotient
Some of us seem to be happy all the time. Others never seem to be happy at all. What makes us happy? Are you happy? Would you like to find out what and why you are happy? We have found a little quiz that might help you understand how you feel and why you feel that way...