Reality TV

Pawn Stars Before They Were Pawn Stars [Video]
Before Rick, the Old Man, Big Hoss and Chumley were household fixtures they were already running a pawn shop. As you can see from this clip circa 2003, it's the same shop, the same guys, maybe a little more hair and a clientele that is not nearly as interesting as the clientele you see on TV to…
Mike Tyson, Pigeon Fancier
Yep, it's that Mike Tyson, the boxer. He has a new reason to come into your home and it won't be on the pay per view channel beating the tar out of someone. It seems that Ol Iron Mike is for the birds, literally.
Highest Paid Reality Star
She has a line of perfumes, a line of cosmetics and a line of professional athletes waiting outside her boudoir. She is America's highest paid reality star. Is this really what we have become? A nation of people  watching others live their lives?