Silly Putty For All Of Those Potholes?
It's hard to believe that a goo like substance that is similar to Silly Putty could some day be saving me money on tire repair, alignment and making our streets a lot safer. The substance, similar to a politicians head, would hard on the outside and soft on the inside.
What Will Humans Be Like In 1,000 Years? [Video]
How about the creation of microscopic robots to build and disassemble buildings? That's right, it said that it's possible that we could use microscopic robots to build our houses, and have them disassemble our house while we're away and reassemble it when we get back.
Where Is The Worst Place To Get Stung ?
That is a point to ponder isn't it? Believe it or not a scientist was awarded a Nobel prize, okay an Ig Nobel prize for allowing himself to be stung in places that you and I can only imagine in our nightmares.

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