5 George Strait Songs to Get You Ready For Tonight
I don't know about you all but I'm some kind of jacked up to see my Parrain tonight! (That would be a fella named King George to those who haven't listened to the program in a while.) Let's do this thing. Here's five George Strait songs to get you ready tonight's party …
Budweiser Six-Pack In Case You Missed It!
Just in case you guys missed tonight's Budweiser Six-Pack, here are the six most requested songs of the day as voted on by you guys! Make sure you listen each night at 6pm for your chance at free Budweiser products (or other goodies if you're under 21).
Patriotic Songs For Us Today
On days like today we get a lot of requests for some of country music's fantastic patriotic songs. There's a particular one from Toby Keith about putting a boot in one specified part of the human anatomy. Enjoy that ditty along with some other goodies here.