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Guys Make Super Bowl Trophy Out Of Meat
Are you having a Super Bowl party for the 2013 Super Bowl? Well, unless your party has a replica Lombardi Trophy made almost entirely from meat, it won't be as good as the ManBQue party in Chicago.
ManBQue is a Chicago-based grilling club with a focus on grilled meats, booze and music...
A Game-Day Winning Chili
It's that time of year again... Superbowl weekend! We can't all agree on who we think should win, but I bet everyone wants some good food to munch on during the big game. Yes, there's always delicious hot wings, nachos, and sliders, but I'm thinking a big pot of hot chili will be…
Benson Invites Goodell To Watch Super Bowl In His Suite
Saints owner Tom Benson has invited NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to watch the Super Bowl from his suite in the Superdome. He also invited Goodell toThursday night’s  the team party in City Park.
Mr. Benson spoke Wednesday at an NFL event to promote the importance of children en…

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