Big Concert Announcement…Guess Who is Coming?
Hey Dawg peeps! We have a big concert announcement we think you are going to LOVE! This country singer will be coming to the area to perform for you. Bruce and the Kennel Club will announce the big surprise tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. If you just can't wait until then, try to figure out who i…
Thanksgiving Soldier Homecoming
There's one thing that slips most of our minds for Thanksgiving, and that's our beloved troops overseas or stationed in various spots around the US.
U.S. Marine Surprises His Sister At Graduation
We all know someone or are related to someone in the Armed Forces.
Do we really take them for granted that much? Not thinking about how much, every day, they risk to keep us safe. We all love them dearly and miss them when they aren't home.
If this video doesn't make you appreciate that spec…