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Tracy Byrd and Wife Injured in Car Accident
Country star Tracy Byrd and his wife Michele were injured in a car accident in Texas on Tuesday afternoon. According to 12 News Now in Beaumont, Department of Public Safety Trooper Stephanie Davis said the ‘Keeper of the Stars’ singer and his wife were  driving northbound on Highway 69 in a Ford Ex…
Dealing With Road Rage Russian Style [Video]
We all have issues from time to time with our fellow drivers. Most of the time the people that we call idiots are really good drivers, they just had "a moment" while behind the wheel. In Russia, they don't seem to have the same sense of forgiveness that we have in the United S…
Lightning Strikes Close By [Video]
Often it's up to you to notice the sky getting dark and the breeze beginning to pick up as a thunderstorm moves in. Even if you do keep an eye to the sky you could still be in some danger from a bolt out of the blue.
Skateboarder Gets Owned By a Truck
In this video, skateboarder Serge Murphy seems to be on top of his game while skating down a driveway. He’s grinding rails, kick flipping and really showing off his skills as if trying to be a modern day Tony Hawk.

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