that had to hurt

Lightning Strikes Close By [Video]
Often it's up to you to notice the sky getting dark and the breeze beginning to pick up as a thunderstorm moves in. Even if you do keep an eye to the sky you could still be in some danger from a bolt out of the blue.
Skateboarder Gets Owned By a Truck
In this video, skateboarder Serge Murphy seems to be on top of his game while skating down a driveway. He’s grinding rails, kick flipping and really showing off his skills as if trying to be a modern day Tony Hawk.
Pond Jump Fail [Video]
Here we see a guy thinking a motorcycle assist will be the perfect addition to his attempt to jump his bicycle into a pond. The only problem, he didn't count on that truck being where it was.
Foul Ball Takes Out Two [Video]
If you watch the video in slow motion you can see the balls initial contact is with the crotch area of the gentleman trying to make a bare handed catch. If that's not enough, the ricochet off his private parts bounces directly into the face of his female companion. That is probably not what the…

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