that had to hurt

Pond Jump Fail [Video]
Here we see a guy thinking a motorcycle assist will be the perfect addition to his attempt to jump his bicycle into a pond. The only problem, he didn't count on that truck being where it was.
Foul Ball Takes Out Two [Video]
If you watch the video in slow motion you can see the balls initial contact is with the crotch area of the gentleman trying to make a bare handed catch. If that's not enough, the ricochet off his private parts bounces directly into the face of his female companion. That is probably not what the…
Beyonce Clown Dance Goes Horribly Wrong [Video]
You might remember a song that swept the pop charts last year that had a dance all the kids were doing. Do you remember the Beyonce song All The Single Ladies? It spawned a lot of videos of people recreating that dance. Some of the renditions were very good. Some of the renditions were quite comical…
Kickboxer Knocks Himself Out
It takes a combination of strength, stamina, precision and skill to knock out your opponent in the ring. But it takes a special kind of athlete to knock yourself out.

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