that had to hurt

Politician Gets Beer Shower [Video]
That was how many beers down the back of one the world's most power leaders? I am sure the poor waiter lost his job and may have even been killed for bringing shame to the mother land. I hope he wasn't. I do bet he did feel a little sense of take that on behalf of the common man after his …
Girl Falls While Texting On Live TV [Video]
If you watch closely you can see this is a video of a live television report.If you watch in the background to the right of the reporter and behind the potted plant you will see a young lady stroll into view. She is texting what I am sure is a very important message. I hope it is too her doctor.
Dog Wipes Out On Wooden Floor [Video]
Here is a classic case of over exuberant dog meeting polished wooden floor. I know it is cruel to laugh at such an incident but the expression on the dog's face when he gets up is priceless.
Old People Vs Gravity [Video]
Gravity doesn't care how much money you have or how respected you are or even if you are in your golden years. Here is a funny bit of video of some of our aged to perfection citizens challenging gravity and failing miserably
Ultimate Taser Ball [Video]
The most interesting part of a soccer match is watching the actors, or players, pretend to be hurt so they can get a free kick. I think I have found a sport that will make all of us happy. The soccer fans and the non-fans such as myself can now enjoy Taser Ball!

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