that had to hurt

Mountain Biker Collides With Antelope [Video]
Holy Cow! or Antelope I should say! Here is a professional mountain biker racing along through the wilderness when out of nowhere comes an antelope! Antelope aren't like trains you never know where they are going to cross the path but as timing and luck would have it! (Warning: there is a brief…
Horse Drawn High Speed Crash [Video]
I have often wondered if they used to have traffic accidents back in the horse and buggy days? Judging by this video not only do they have accidents but they look like they hurt pretty bad when you're involved in one of them.
Motivational Speech Goes Hilariously Wrong [Video]
We've all seen these kinds of videos, the kind where the speaker engages us to think beyond our present state and move forward in our lives. This is supposed to be one of those videos. It turns out the motivation might be a head injury or at least a consultation by a doctor.
Trumpet Player Passes Out [Video]
There is nothing like the grace and precision of a well rehearsed band. This band takes that syncronicity one step further. Watch the trumpet player on the back row right at the end of the song. Good night ladies and gentlemen thanks for coming, I am out of here...
Wake Board Wipeout [Video]
The quest for the perfect wave, I know for surfers it's a big deal. I am not so sure that this lovely lady qualifies as a surfer but she knows the wave she is looking for. The perfect ride is about perfect timing, knowing which wave to catch and when to catch it, she got part of this formula ri…
Man Gets The Taser And Then Runs Away From Police [Video]
Sometimes it seems like police officers don't have a sense of humor. The truth is most of them do, but after having to deal with jackwagons like this guy, I can understand why they don't have time for funny business. Police work is a life or death in an instant kind of job...

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