that had to hurt

Crab Does Not Have A Sense Of Humor [Video]
In life you learn to count on certain things, if you see a video with people in formal wear next to a pool you know someone is falling in. If you see a video with 'crab' in the title it's a safe bet someone is going to get pinched. This guy deserves it...
Mountain Biker Collides With Antelope [Video]
Holy Cow! or Antelope I should say! Here is a professional mountain biker racing along through the wilderness when out of nowhere comes an antelope! Antelope aren't like trains you never know where they are going to cross the path but as timing and luck would have it! (Warning: there is a brief…
Horse Drawn High Speed Crash [Video]
I have often wondered if they used to have traffic accidents back in the horse and buggy days? Judging by this video not only do they have accidents but they look like they hurt pretty bad when you're involved in one of them.

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