‘Despicable Me 2′ Trailer Hits the Web
One of my family's (and my) all-time favorite animated flicks is getting the sequel treatment as Despicable Me 2 hits theaters on July 3rd. Steve Carrell reprises his role as the once evil villain Gru who now has to save the world from a new super villain.
New Three Stooges Trailer [Video]
I am such a big Three Stooges fan. I loved them three dudes as a kid. I even enjoyed watching Shemp.
However, I am just not sensing that this new Farrelly Brothers flick with updated Stooge brothers will be worth a flip.
New Smurfs Movie Almost Here
Attention children of the 80s, THE SMURFS MOVIE IS ALMOST HERE! Whoop-Whoop! It features Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays as the live-action allies of the Smurfs and Hank Azaria as their live-action nemesis, Gargamel. The legendary Jonathan Winters voices Papa Smurf.
The Hangover II Trailer
The most epically goodest movie of all time is coming back in sequel form! OK, maybe it ISN'T the best since the Marx Brothers but if you did watch the first one you did knee-slap, chuckle and guffaw a good bit, right? So, who's ready for The Hangover II? I know I am. Enjoy the trailer her…