For fans of the University of Kentucky there is nothing more exciting than Big Blue Madness. This is a celebration of the only reason I can think of that anyone would ever be excited about anything that happened at U.K.; Kentucky Basketball.

The Wildcats are usually a national power in basketball so you can imagine the excitement surrounding their program. The fans get so excited they camp out just for the chance to get tickets.

In this video you can see a time lapse of fans pitching their tents in anticipation. Well almost everybody is pitching their tent. If you look at the bottom center of the screen you will see some lads attempting to set up a yellow tent.

This is one of those "pop up" pup tents that kids use. Obviously none of these U.K. scholars were Boy Scouts because they never,ever seem to be able to get that darn tent set up. Oh well there is always Kentucky Football to look forward too! No wait, that's something you want to forget.