We received an email from Rosemarie Adell from Angleton, Tx. She and her family are searching for who they call their "LA. Angel", a good Samaritan who helped her family while they were stranded with vehicle problems this past weekend in Lafayette.

Here's the email Rosemarie sent us -

"Good Afternoon,

I have a favor to ask of you... Fri around midnight my family (husband, son, daughter & her boyfriend) left for Mississippi to test drive and purchase a 31 ft. contender. Around noon Sat I received a call from my daughter saying "you will never guess what happened". My stomach just cringed. Somewhere in or near Lafayette on the freeway our dulley just shut down. They were stuck for a couple hrs. Before a local resident in a grey Dodge with a red design of some sort (this is what my daughter described) stopped and offered to tow them to a nearby auto part store about 5 min down the road. Right to the front door. Sensor replaced and they were on there way home. To my disappointment they did not get his name. I was wondering if you could mention that there is an Angel driving around in your neck of the woods and I would like to thank him for taking the time to help my family get back to Texas safe and sound."

Are you the good Samaritan? Do you know who this person is? Like she says in the email, he drove a grey Dodge with a red design on it. If you or someone you know is the "LA. Angel", let us know...Rosemarie Adell would really like to say "Thank You".

We here at 97.3 The Dawg would like to say "Thank You" as well, whoever you are. Thanks for making Acadiana look good. It's people like you that make Acadiana such a great place to live!